Back in 2018, a meeting took place between Jason Blumberg, President, and CEO of Global Vending Group Inc.(GVG) and an Assistant Principal from a Title 1 School in Buffalo NY. During the meeting, they discussed their vision to bring books and families together through the use of a vending machine.

The Assistant Principal explained that there is a literacy challenge within his school district. This challenge is partially due to a lack of engagement and excitement in reading books. He believed increased reading comprehension and engagement will make a serious impact on the children’s future. He felt that getting students excited to read by vending their favorite books and being able to take it home will not only help increase a child’s literacy but also improve family relationships through reading.

Mr.Blumberg took this to heart and worked extensively with his team to make this dream a reality. GVG customized a vending machine called the Inchy’s Bookworm vending machine ™ to vend books using a golden token. The machine works by using a special golden token the kids are rewarded with for good behavior and habits. This Bookworm machine is currently in action at many other schools throughout the US. The engagement rate has been remarkable as more and more students are racing to the vending machine to get their favorite books. As more books are being distributed new books are taking their place, creating endless opportunities for children to learn and get engaged. We believe that this combination of vending books and reward system could bridge the gap between literacy and engagement.

The vending machine was designed with Inchy The Bookworm as the center of the design. It also has kids and books as a central theme. Schools can also have a custom designed, one of a Kind machine, with their school mascot and logo. These amazing designs draw the kids to the machine, and the books become the ultimate prize.

Global Vending Group is proud to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We believe social responsibility should be a big part of any company, which is why we take pride in using our resources to take a step in the right direction towards literacy for all students. This program is just one way we can better prepare children for the future ahead.

If you believe this program could be beneficial to your school, please call or email us anytime, we would be more than happy to help. Together we can promote literacy for all!