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Many schools have had great success asking for funding from local businesses/organizations.

Below are some general places you might want to look in your community.

Companies & Businesses: 

  • Gas and Energy 
  • Banks and Credit Unions 
  • Insurance 
  • Car Manufacturers 
  • Medical / Health 
  • Delivery / fulfillment companies 

Local company sponsorship is a fantastic way for businesses to give back to their neighboring schools and make a positive impact on the education of children in their community. One such initiative is the purchase or donation of money towards an Inchy Bookworm vending machine for schools. We have seen multiple large and small businesses donate funds toward the machine. Some organizations even donate the whole machine!

A wide range of businesses can participate in this type of community sponsorship, including gas and energy companies, banks and credit unions, insurance providers, car manufacturers, and medical/health organizations. By supporting education and literacy in their communities, these companies can build strong relationships with local schools and families, and create a positive reputation for their brand. Most companies have a significant amount of funds set aside for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts like such. 

Community business sponsorship of Inchy Bookworm vending machines for schools is a great way for businesses to support education and promote literacy in their communities. Through these partnerships, schools can provide students with a unique tailored reward system that promotes reading while businesses can make a meaningful contribution to their local communities and build strong, positive relationships with their customers. Be sure to reach out to your local organization for donations. 

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