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Foundation and clubs

Foundations and clubs are an excellent source of funding for educational efforts in schools. These organizations are typically established by individuals or groups who are passionate about a particular cause, such as education, and want to make a positive impact in their community. They often have a significant amount of financial resources and can provide grants and donations to schools to support educational initiatives, such as classroom technology, teacher training, and student enrichment programs.

In many cases, foundations and clubs work closely with school administrators and educators to identify areas where funding is needed most and to develop targeted programs that align with their goals and priorities.

One of the key advantages of working with foundations and clubs is that they offer a high degree of flexibility and customization. Unlike government grants and funding programs, which may come with strict guidelines and regulations, foundations and clubs are often more open to creative and innovative approaches to education. This can lead to new and exciting opportunities for students and educators alike, and can help to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within the school community.

Foundations and clubs have been instrumental in supporting schools to obtain Inchys bookworm vending machines. These organizations recognize the importance of literacy and education, and understand that access to books is a critical component of academic success. Through grants and donations, foundations and clubs have helped schools to purchase book vending machines, which provide students with easy access to a wide variety and implementations of a PBIS program! The result is increased student engagement with reading and improved literacy outcomes all while promoting positive behaviors and habits. By supporting schools in obtaining book vending machines, foundations and clubs are making a valuable contribution to the education and future success of students.


Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Make sure you check if there are any in your area!


United Way by region list of contacts


Look up local education foundations in your district.

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