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Case Study: Corporate Social Responsibility


Charlotte Hornets x Bank of America
Case Study
Boosting Attendance With The Charlotte Hornets & Bank of America
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Charlotte Hornets x Bank of Amercia



Attendance is not just about being physically present in class; it's about engaging in learning, building social skills, and setting the foundation for future success.

Recognizing the critical importance of consistent school attendance, Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CIS-Charlotte), in partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), Bank of America, and the Charlotte Hornets came together to improve student attendance through a new incentive program.

“We are excited to support the new Attendance+ program and to encourage students to attend school,” said Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield to

"A strong education will be vital for these students as they get older and move on to the next stages of their lives, and it is important that we do our part to help ensure that they are in school to receive that education. We are proud to join Communities In Schools, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Bank of America in this effort, and we hope that other companies will engage in this initiative so every school that needs a vending machine can have one.”

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Absenteeism is on the rise in schools across the country.


What were their goals?

The attendance program came at a crucial time. Chronic absenteeism rates have risen significantly, worsened by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Consistent school attendance is essential for students to obtain the academic, social and emotional skills needed to be successful,” stated Men Tchaas Ari, CIS-Charlotte’s President and CEO in an interview with “Chronic absenteeism has real-life consequences for students, families and society.”  

By providing rewards such as tickets to events, museums, or a free book from the vending machine, the initiative strives to reengage students. Staff hopes it will foster a culture of attendance across participating schools.

How Were Goals Achieved?

As part of their commitment to the "Attendance+" program, the Charlotte Hornets and Bank of America partnered to provide a co-branded book vending machine for Quail Hollow Middle School.  School leaders hope to encourage reading and attendance through rewards earned by using the machine. 

Here's how it works: Students have a chance to earn a gold Inchy token as a reward for better attendance. Students use the token to vend a free book. It's theirs to keep, building a home library.

This innovative solution offers students a tangible reward for meeting individual attendance goals set by school counselors and staff. By earning tokens through consistent attendance, students gain access to a diverse selection of books, promoting literacy and a love for reading. The initiative not only incentivizes attendance but also fosters a positive learning environment where students are encouraged to explore the world through literature.

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“Addressing absenteeism has to be the responsibility of the entire community which is why Bank of America is collaborating with other corporations to find creative solutions."

 Kieth Cockrell, President, Bank of America Charlotte Kieth Cockrell Bank of America Charlotte President
The Solution

The "Attendance+ "Program and Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine

Encourages Attendance and Positive Behavior

Bank of America and The Charlotte Hornets have partnered to create the "Attendance+" program, aiming to improve school attendance by offering incentives for consistent attendance and positive behavior. Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine complements this program by providing a tangible reward system. Students earn tokens for good attendance, which they can exchange for books from the vending machine, making school attendance and positive behavior rewarding and exciting.

Enhances Literacy and Engagement

 Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine plays a crucial role in enhancing literacy and engagement among students. Access to a variety of books through the vending machine encourages students to read more, both at school and at home. This continued engagement with reading helps improve literacy skills, academic performance, and a love for learning.

Collaboration and Support

 The collaboration between Bank of America, The Charlotte Hornets, Global Vending Group & Promising Pages (A book bank in Charlotte, NC), ensures that the machines are stocked with engaging, high-quality books.

The book vending machine at Quail Hollow was donated by Bank of America and the Charlotte Hornets.

  • Global Vending Group created a custom co-branded design for the book vending machine.
  • Local partners are inspired to follow suit by offering rewards like concert and sports tickets to students who attend regularly.
  • Promising Pages, a book bank in Charlotte, will provide books for the vending machine.

Customized and Community-Focused

Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine is designed to meet the specific needs of each school involved in the "Attendance+" program. By customizing the graphics and trays, GVG ensures that the machines can accommodate a wide range of book sizes, making them suitable for various age groups. This customization includes selecting books that match the students’ reading levels and interests, ensuring that every student finds something appealing.

Placing these machines in schools and community centers helps address the issue of book deserts, providing access to books in under-resourced areas like Charlotte, NC. This approach ensures that students not only have the incentive to attend school regularly but also have the resources to foster a love for reading and learning.

"This tool addresses multiple goals simultaneously – celebrating attendance by encouraging reading. The vending machine makes both earning the coins by attending school and selecting a book a special experience.”

“The book vending machine is an exciting way to bring new attention to school attendance in a fun way,”

-Rachael Neill

Principal, Quail Hollow Middle School

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