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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Benefits of holding a ribbon cutting ceremony and why you should host one

Why host a ribbon cutting ceremony?

Because it's an extraordinary way to unveil your new book vending machine to students, faculty, staff, parents, and community leaders. This event is your chance to spotlight your dedication to literacy and demonstrate your commitment to getting books into the hands of kids.

A ribbon cutting ceremony marks a significant milestone for your school and provides an excellent platform to share your #InchyStory. It’s the perfect occasion to bring together district stakeholders, celebrate your students, and promote your program on social media and your website.

Moreover, the ceremony offers Board of Education members and community partners a chance to voice their support and appreciation for the outstanding work happening in your school.

Organizing such an event might seem overwhelming, but our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Resource Guide simplifies the process. It helps you prepare, set up, and run a memorable event, ensuring lasting impressions for everyone involved. Let’s make this celebration an unforgettable success!



Media Resource Guide

Generate excitement about your Bookworm Vending Machine!

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See Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine™ in action

Ribbon Cutting Photos

Excite your students and staff by having an unveiling ribbon-cutting ceremony. Share your ceremony on multiple media platforms and show the community what your school is doing to promote literacy and positive habits. Become the pioneer of literacy within your community and school district.

Imagine the impact Inchy could have on your school!