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Harness the power of crowdfunding platforms such as Read-A-Thon and DonorsChoose to achieve your fundraising campaign goals.





It’s time to join the 5,000+ schools across the country using Read-A-Thon to raise more funds and get kids reading.

Woodsdale Elementary School student council raised over $7,500 for a book vending machine using a Read-a-thon 



Join the supportive online community of donors who want to fund your classroom projects.


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Join the supportive online community of donors who want to fund your classroom projects.

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Guidelines For Crowdfunding

Understanding The Importance of Community

Crowdfunding platforms enable educators to seek support from a broad audience, including parents and philanthropists, for projects like Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine. This strategy democratizes funding, empowering individuals to collectively boost educational resources and student literacy.

Highlight the Innovative Approach to Literacy

Crowdfunding thrives with unique, impactful initiatives like Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine. Showcasing its innovative way to boost reading captivates donors and drives support.

Building Transparency and Trust with Donors Crowdfunding campaigns allow educators to detail their projects, including objectives, budget, and student impact. This transparency, especially for a book vending machine initiative, builds trust with donors, keeping them informed through regular progress updates and showcasing the tangible effects of their support.
Expand Your Reach: Social Media and Community Networks

Effective crowdfunding campaigns utilize social media and community networks for wider reach and increased donations. By promoting their campaigns across various platforms, educators can engage a diverse audience.


Funded Project Examples

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Steps to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign for Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine on DonorsChoose

  1. Create a Compelling Campaign Page: Start by setting up a detailed campaign page on DonorsChoose. Include a clear description of the Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine, its benefits for student literacy, and how it will be implemented. Use engaging photos, videos, or testimonials to illustrate the potential impact on students.

  2. Set a Realistic Funding Goal: Break down the costs associated with purchasing and stocking the vending machine with books. Set a realistic funding goal that covers these expenses, providing potential donors with a clear understanding of how their contributions will be used.

  3. Promote the Campaign: Share your DonorsChoose special request through multiple channels, including social media, email newsletters, and school events. Encourage parents, staff, and students to spread the word within their networks to maximize visibility and support.

  4. Engage with Donors: Keep donors engaged and informed throughout the campaign. Update the DonorsChoose page regularly with progress towards the funding goal and any new developments about the project. Expressing gratitude for donations, regardless of size, fosters a positive community around your initiative.

  5. Implement the Project: Once funded, proceed with purchasing and setting up Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine. Share photos and stories of the vending machine in use, allowing donors to see the direct result of their contributions.

  6. Report on Impact: Provide updates on the impact of the book vending machine on student engagement and literacy. Success stories and data about increased reading levels can inspire further support and demonstrate the value of community-backed educational projects.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign through DonorsChoose for Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine allows schools to directly connect with a supportive community eager to fund innovative literacy projects. This approach not only secures the necessary resources but also fosters a sense of collective achievement as the wider community contributes to enhancing educational opportunities for students.

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Kara L.Media Specialist
This machine has brought so much joy and excitement to my students. I want students everywhere to experience that feeling..
Gabrielle B.Teacher
I am in love with the vending machine and my students love it. They are so excited when they hear their name called and they get to pick out their own book. The students, teachers and community has loved the vending machine. The students love to share the books they have chosen with anyone who would listen to them. The community has really loved being able to share the books with our students.
Amy S.PTO President
We purchased a book vending machine at the end of last year with our Read A Thon fundraising dollars. Loved it so much we purchased a second one!
Casie C.Principal
User friendly ordering and delivery process and beautiful product. I wanted one for a long time and it is everything I imagined. Looks GREAT in our front office and rewards kids with books!