Many schools want to put their logo, mascot, or sponsor on their new Book Vending Machine. Here at, we’re proud of our state-of-the-art print shop. Todd Ulm, our printmaker/designer with over 35 years of experience, heads up our in-house art department. Todd and his team of talented designers are ready to work with our customers to create awesome custom wraps for their book vending machines. We recently caught up with Todd and his team during a break from their busy schedule.

Why is having an in-house design team and print shop so important?

Todd: Having an in-house design team is so important to and the whole Inchy process. An In-House Graphic consultant who can think and be quick with an idea is so beneficial to a superior experience. Customers have a Team of creatives (who understand the machine) at their disposal. It’s size. The function. How it works. Through communication, it becomes a collaborative process where the designer helps visualize the needs of our client. The client is the focus. Customers must be confident in the machine to use the machine. It is a tool for these teachers.

What makes your print shop state-of-the-art?

Todd: The equipment is NEW. It is meant for a very high resolution. We have 3 60” Eco-solvent Epson® Sure Color ™ Outdoor Printers. Capable of museum-quality prints. A Laminating system to protect the graphics and a computer network that allows for speed and color consistency. has printers, equipment, and technology that will make any sign company filled with envy. All that benefit gets passed on to the client through experience and craftsmanship. Besides these tools, we have an experienced art director and former sign shop and tradeshow display company owner with over 35 years of experience. Large-format graphics have only been around for 32 years so that gives you an idea of what the understanding level is here.

Can you explain the design process?

Todd: In almost every instance the client is looking to our design team for guidance. So, we send them on a journey through our website. This site provides the client an opportunity to show us their likes. We do this by helping them build their basic design. They pick the style, set the colors, place the logos, and size the text. Then the client submits that artwork. Our Job as the Art Team doesn’t start until we get that initial artwork. From there the team makes all the adjustments, tweaks the graphics, and makes suggestions based on experience. Once a proof is generated, the client gets a first look. They can make changes as much as they want until the art team achieves their vision. From there the client gives us the sign-off.

Then our team breaks the art down into the printed panels, sending the files to one of 4 printers. Then it’s off to the lamination and trimming room. That’s where all the graphics are trimmed, separated, and inspected by the artist who made them. After all of that, the machine goes into final production. It’s wrapped by one of our professional installers and it’s the last thing that happens to the machine before it is processed for release and final inspection.

How long does the design process take from start to finish?

Todd: The design process is 100% driven by the client. I can say that in most cases once we have artwork to start our service it will take less than 5 working days before the first proof. After that it is signed off, it is around 5 more working days for production. Most of the time it only takes one proof to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Tell me about one of your favorite customer/designer collaborations

Todd: Mine was the super-hero one… IDK if we can talk about that. We can NOT put up a visual for you, but I can explain. It was a 2-machine side-by-side to vend comic books for children with Autism. I got to do comic strip graphics of a certain insect fella and his hulkingly colorful friends. We made the metal man along with all of the genX fans and the in-charge American guy. It was Marvel-ous. Only certain characters were in color which made them burst off the machine. It was really fun and a childhood dream.

Alexa, Designer: A client wanted a machine that made the kids curious about the world. It would inspire them to pick up a book and learn something! The wrap is a map of the world with some cool interesting features: Machu Picchu, the California gold rush, Big Ben, and The Sydney Opera House, just to name a few. When you look at the machine you get curious to learn, and I feel that fits perfectly with our book vending machines. 

I also like any design where upon approval the client says something along the lines of “This is perfect. Thank you so much it is exactly what our school is looking for!” as an artist it feels good to collaborate and make something that is so well received!

Chuck, Designer: My most recent favorite machine design was Reagan Elementary. They gave good instructions on the overall look of the machine and I created a beautiful seascape with a kelp forest as well as tons of stingrays and manta rays, their mascot.


Another one that turned out well was the North Eastern School, they asked for one of our templates but added fighter jets to it. I gave them a great design. Upon seeing the proof, they asked to change nearly everything, so I did. But when they showed the two designs to the rest of the staff and students, they overwhelmingly preferred my original design.

What is something no one knows or asks about during the design/printing process, but you wish they would?

Todd: One thing I wish would be asked more is, “Can we have you all make posters and signs and other graphics for our school?” The answer is yes. We can do so many things for you. Since we have your school colors and logo already on file, we can match that to keep a consistent theme moving through your district. It is a key marketing and branding technique that companies use to be consistent. We notice so many schools can use help with this. Excitement starts with a great visual and ends with pride.

Chuck, Designer: On the subject of what would I like for schools to ask us, I would rather they tell us what they are looking for. Using the proof, that we send them to give us feedback when it comes to placement or the size of an object or text, either printing it out and marking on it with a pen or in a design program. 

Thanks again to the talented folks in our Art Department. We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today.

Are you ready to showcase your school’s identity on your new Book Vending Machine? Look no further than! Our state-of-the-art print shop, led by Todd Ulm, a seasoned printmaker/designer with over 35 years of experience, is here for you. Todd and his team are eager to collaborate with schools, creating amazing custom wraps featuring logos, mascots, or sponsors. We recently chatted with Todd and his team during a quick break from their busy schedule. Reach out to the literary experts at and let’s bring your vision to life! Contact us today.

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