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Join us for an inspiring podcast episode featuring Principal Barnes from Public School 61 in Buffalo, NY. Dive into the story of how this school sparked a reading revolution five years ago with the introduction of the original, first-ever, book vending machine. Discover how Principal Barnes sustains this literary legacy with his monthly principals reading challenge. The program entices students to explore the magic of books.

Nathaniel W. Barnes on LinkedIn: Learn and Grown with the Bow Tie Principal  Read-Aloud

The Book Vending Machine Revolution 🍎🏫

Five years ago, Public School 61 in Buffalo, NY, took a bold step towards cultivating a love for reading. The introduction of the first-ever book vending machine captured the imagination of students and ignited a passion for books. Imagine a vending machine, not dispensing snacks, but stories that transport young minds into new worlds.

The Monthly Principals Reading Challenge 🎙️

Building on the success of the book vending machine, Principal Barnes initiated the monthly principals reading challenge. This challenge aims to foster a habit of reading among students. He does this by encouraging them to delve into ten books or chapters each month. It’s not just about the quantity but the joy of exploring diverse narratives and expanding horizons through the written word.

Nurturing a Vibrant Reading Culture 📖💙

The impact of these initiatives extends beyond completing a reading challenge. Public School 61 has witnessed a transformation in its culture, with students eagerly embracing the world of literature. Principal Barnes, with dedication and enthusiasm, has created an environment where reading is not a chore but a delightful adventure.

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Tune in to the Reading Revolution Podcast on 2/7/2024 at 12pm EST to hear Principal Barnes share insights into the journey of literacy initiatives at Public School 61. This podcast promises to be a beacon of inspiration for educators, parents, and anyone passionate about fostering a love for reading in the younger generation.

Reading Revolution Podcast🌟

Principal Barnes and Public School 61 exemplify the power of innovative approaches to instill a love for reading. From the book vending machine to the monthly reading challenge, these initiatives have created a lasting impact on students, shaping them into avid readers. Join us on 2/7/2024, and be part of the journey towards a brighter, more literate future! 📚

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