At Harrison Elementary School in Janesville, Wisconsin, the community gathered for the unveiling of Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine. Megan Schultz, reading interventionist, had eagerly awaited this moment, envisioning the joy it would bring to her students. She was not disappointed. From the minute the students saw their school logo on those eye-catching graphics, their energy was electric. What they didn’t realize was the amount of effort that went into customizing their book vending machine. Now, for the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the art of book vending. Learn how it’s made, from the initial design to the final wrap. We guarantee it’s a process that will make you appreciate your vending machine on a whole other level.

Designing Excellence: The Key Benefits of an In-House Design Team

For schools like Harrison Elementary a book vending machine is a huge investment. As plans solidify, a crucial decision becomes finding the perfect custom art to adorn the machine.

In almost every instance the client looks to our design team for guidance. So, we send them on a journey through our website.

The site provides the client an opportunity to show us their likes and dislikes. We do this by helping them build a basic design. They pick the style, set the colors, place the logos, and size the text. Then the client submits that artwork. 

Ribbon Cutting Harrison ES

Megan Schultz decided she needed a little extra help finding something that reflected her school spirit. That’s where our team of seasoned designers at stepped in to delivery a high quality product. With their extensive expertise, the designers were ready to turn Harrison Elementary’s vision into a reality.

Lex, the graphic designer in charge of Harrison’s machine explained her process,

“This customer was stalled out on what to do. She had been through our Dav’Inchy design site but couldn’t get the vibe for the machine to match the art the school wanted. So I set up a zoom call with them. I recommended they send the art over to me.

After that I used their designs as a starting off point. After the initial proof, we just tweaked a few things with the wording and graphics. The school wanted to see multiple options so they never had to think “what if” about the design. It only took four proofs to be approved.”

The design team makes all the adjustments, tweaks the graphics, and makes suggestions based on experience. First, the designer will generate a proof or first draft. Clients can make changes as much as they want. We aren’t satisfied until the client gives us a final sign-off.

Printing Reinvented: Exploring’s State-of-the-Art Print Shop

Our equipment is brand new and designed for extremely high resolution. We have three 60″ Eco-solvent Epson® Sure Color™ Outdoor Printers, capable of producing museum-quality prints.

Additionally, we have a laminating system in place to protect the graphics. Our computer network ensures both speed and color consistency.

At, we have printers, equipment, and technology that would make any sign company envious. We pass on the benefits of these tools to our clients through our expertise and craftsmanship.

In addition to our state-of-the-art equipment, we have an experienced art director. He boasts over 35 years of experience. It is worth noting that large-format graphics have only been around for 32 years.

Pro Tip: In addition to printing custom art for machines, print shop can create posters, signs, and other graphics for your school.

If you are a client, we are capable of providing a wide range of services for you. As we already have your school colors and logo on file, we can ensure a consistent theme throughout your district. This is an essential marketing and branding technique that companies use to maintain consistency.

We have noticed that many schools can benefit from assistance in this area. Excitement begins with captivating visuals and culminates in a sense of pride.

Wrapping It Up

Clients have control in the design process. After receiving concept artwork, the first proof is usually ready in less than five days. Once approved, production takes another five days. Most customers are happy with just one proof.

We start by dividing the custom graphics into separate printed panels. From there, the panels move on to the lamination and trimming room. This is where our skilled artists trim, separate, and meticulously inspect each graphic.

Once this process is complete, the machine enters the final production stage. Our professional installers take great care in wrapping the machine. This is the last step before book vending machine undergoes processing for release and final inspection.

25230 proof-compressed

Delivery Day – Unveiling A Masterpiece

Megan Schultz Book Vending Machine Harrison ES

Finally the special day arrived.

“We were just like little kids on Christmas standing by the door just waiting for its arrival,” Schultz told WMTV. “Once it was here, I just couldn’t wait to set it all up and fill it with books.”

Schultz’s role is about inspiring children to develop a passion for reading. The machine is designed to get kids excited about getting lost in a book. We think that’s a perfect match.

“Every time the kids walk by they are like ‘ahh I want to get a book from there!’ so it’s exciting to see their little faces,” said Schultz

Miracle Harding, a first grader said about the machine, “It looks awesome, and it’s got lots of my favorite books.”

Harrison Elementary School had a ceremony for their new book vending machine.

“I’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment for quite some time,” expressed Megan Schultz. She told WMTV that she’d been working more than a year to bring the vending machine into the school.

Schultz saw how excited her students were when the machine was unveiled. The artwork on the machine, created by‘s designers, was carefully chosen to bring her vision to life.

Custom-designed art can make a book vending machine unique and engaging for students. By working with expert designers at, you can ensure that every detail reflects your school’s spirit and captures students’ imaginations.

Let’s move away from traditional vending machines and embrace the creativity and purpose of book vending. It’s a great way to promote reading and make books more accessible to students.

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