Need funding support? Simple tips to promote a successful digital fundraiser and raise money for your Inchy Bookworm Vending Machine™ using Read for My School (RFMS).

After getting a quote from and creating your RFMS fundraiser, follow the tips below to help improve your fundraising efforts!

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Tip #1: Tell a story that connects with your donors

Take some time to develop a story that explains to your donors what your school fundraiser is all about and why they should care. 

  • Need help? Check out your Inchy Bookworm Toolkit which contains all the content you need (text; images; video; banners) to tell the right story about your Inchy Bookworm fundraiser.

Tip #2: Develop a strong communication plan

Fundraising can be challenging without a good marketing plan so be prepared to write down how you want to engage and communicate with your donors throughout the duration of your Inchy Bookworm fundraiser. 

  • Give yourself time to get everyone registered. Families should get a “shout out” to register a few days before you want to launch your digital fundraiser. Sending out an email with instructions to families on how to support your fundraiser is critical to driving up participation rates and more donation opportunities.
  • Keep connected with your supporters. Weekly emails are a wonderful way to keep in touch with your supporters to make sure you are hitting your fundraising objectives and goals. 
  • Give thanks to everyone! Send out simple thank-you emails to your supporters and donors so they know how much you appreciate their generosity. 

Tip #3: Reward! Reward! Reward!

Providing incentives is an easy way to get your supporters excited and engaged in supporting your fundraiser. Use your leaderboards on the Read for My School app to reward top teams and individuals to drive excitement for your fundraiser.

  • Smaller weekly prizes focused on participation. Simple gift cards and book giveaways are an easy way to reward your supporters. 
  • Larger rewards focused on achieving overall and personal goals. Maybe rebuild a classroom library with new books for the top teams and individual prizes to buy books at your upcoming book fair.

Need help designing your Inchy Bookworm fundraiser?

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