Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond making money and PR. It’s about investing in communities. One of the most important things to invest in is making sure kids can read well. When kids can read, it helps them learn other things better. Knowing how to read is essential for moving forward. Helping kids read better now will help make a better future for generations to come.

The Power of Kids Being Able to Read

Being able to read helps kids learn things, feel stronger, and get chances they might not have otherwise. But in a lot of places, getting books is hard. Did you know that 34% of fourth graders in the US have trouble reading? This makes it hard for them to follow along. Fewer still go on to finish school.

Marcus Leadership Academy Book Vending Machine, sponsored by NECAM, Dallas Education Foundation, and Catch Up and Read.

Busineses + = Investing In Communities

Let’s talk about Our goal is to help everyone learn to read using innovative tech. Our book vending machines are here to make reading easy and important. You can read more about how they help support schools with PBIS programs here.

For the first time, businesses can partner with to sponsor a school. They can easily pay for a machine that gives books to kids who need them. makes it easy for businesses to invest in their own community.

CSR is More Than Numbers

Businesses can do a lot to make the future better for kids. Helping kids learn to read means a lot more than just looking at numbers. It gets them excited about reading while reinforcing positive behavior.

Putting reading first shows a promise to make a big, lasting change in society. Let’s work together to help kids love reading and learning for the future.

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