Schools are constantly seeking innovative ways to help kids get excited about reading. One exciting initiative gaining momentum is Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine. These vending machines are not filled with snacks or drinks but with books. Kids go wild for it. So schools need to be creative when it comes to sourcing books for stocking the machine. Charter School for Applied Technologies in Buffalo, NY found a creative solution.

The Teacher’s Desk

Charter School for Applied Technology, located in Buffalo, New York, partners with a remarkable organization known as The Teacher’s Desk. This 501c3 nonprofit operates throughout Western New York and serves as a lifeline for teachers and students in need. They offer free access to school supplies, books, and teaching resources to educators, ensuring that classrooms have the materials necessary to facilitate learning. Their mission is simple but profound: distribute free school supplies to students in need, encourage teachers, and provide a sense of purpose through volunteerism.

But what about other schools stocking their book vending machines?

Charter School for Applied Technology is just one example. There are lots of ways to ensure your school’s book vending machine stays well-stocked and enticing for students.

  • Donations: Accepting book donations from the community, parents, and local businesses is an excellent way to keep the vending machine filled with fresh titles.
  • Partnerships with Publishers: Consider forming partnerships with publishers or local bookstores. These resources sometimes provide discounts or donations. It all helps maintain a diverse selection of books.
  • Community Involvement: Engage with your local community. Gather support and donations, just like The Teacher’s Desk does. You might discover organizations with similar missions. There are always generous individuals eager to help.
  • Book Drives: Organize book drives within your school. Encourage students to contribute books they’ve outgrown or no longer need.

Get Some Feedback

And of course, don’t forget to talk to the parents and students. Stocking books kids want to read is a great way to get them excited. The Henri A. Yelle PTO put the question out on Twitter. They wanted to know exactly what books to put in the machine.

How Are You Stocking It?

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch! How does your school keep it’s book vending machine stocked? Have you partnered with a local organization or found creative solutions? We want to hear from you! Share your experiences, ideas, and best practices with us. Together, we can ensure that every student has access to books.

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