Charter School for Applied Technologies in Buffalo, NY is very proud of their book vending machine. Any school that has one is proud of it. But keeping it stocked with books can sometimes be a challenge. CSAT thought outside the box by partnering up with The Teacher’s Desk to keep the machine stocked.

A Dash of Nervousness: “Where Do We Find the Books?”

The adventure began with a sprinkle of nerves. Ms. Bogis and Ms. Bialek, the masterminds behind our fantastic Book Vending Machine initiative, couldn’t help but wonder, “Okay, we’re getting a vending machine, but where on Earth do we find the books to fill it?”

The Teacher’s Desk

The Teacher’s Desk, is a resource where teachers from schools in need can shop for free. It offers supplies, books, and all things classroom-related. And the best part? It’s entirely donation-driven! As Ms. Bogis put it, “They’re a great organization helping teachers get supplies, books, all sorts of things for the classroom that teachers do not need to purchase.”

A Heartwarming Alliance: The Teacher’s Desk and CSAT

Ms. Bogis said, “Even before we embarked on this fantastic journey, we reached out to John over at The Teacher’s Desk. His response? An enthusiastic, “Absolutely, I will help you!”

The Teacher’s Desk is part of the Kids in Need Foundation, a network of stores around the country where teachers in need can shop for free.

Ms. Bialek added, “Whenever we needed books, John and The Teacher’s Desk have come to our rescue. They’ve become the official sponsor of our Book Vending Machine.

A Treasure Trove Beneath: Secrets of Our Stockpile

One clever secret these teachers have learned is there’s a storage space hidden inside the machine. It’s the perfect place to keep a hidden stash of books. It makes it easy to replenish any empty slots quickly.

Kids have diverse tastes, and every classroom has a unique craving. As Ms. Bialek shared,

“It’s funny; every classroom has a different want. For example, last year, in kindergarten, all the kids wanted a Dolly Parton book because that was the song they were singing in the morning. So, I was not expecting that row to empty out so fast. Luckily we were able to pull from our stockpile underneath. Whenever that stockpile gets low, we can go to the teacher’s desk and fill up a big bin of books.”

Gratitude in Letters: Saying Thanks in Style

Sometimes, the teacher have their little bookworms write thank-you notes. They introduce it by saying, “We visited this vending machine, but we didn’t pay with money. We paid with a token. How do you think the books got in here?” It’s a letter writing lesson in gratitude, and we pass those heartwarming notes on to The Teacher’s Desk.

A Magical Partnership: The School and The Teacher’s Desk

In the end, it’s all about the incredible partnership between our school and The Teacher’s Desk. They make sure CSAT always has the books they need. So how does your school keep Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine stocked? Get in touch and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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