Ballard Elementary Students with Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine

Hey there, bookworms! Ballard Elementary School has an innovative approach to encouraging reading and good behavior. Say hello to the Inchy’s Bookworm Book Vending Machine – a literary phenomenon that’s got everyone buzzing!

Rewarding Good Vibes with Prizes Galore

Ballard Elementary School is all about nurturing good student behavior. And they’re doing it with style. When students demonstrate outstanding behavior, they earn an Inchy token. Students can use the token to vend a brand new book.

Principal Shabazz’s Excitement Overload

Principal Jennifer Shabazz can’t contain her excitement: “They’re so excited! It’s all lit up. Students already know what book they want before they go up to it.” She emphasizes that it’s all about the joy of reading. Age doesn’t matter; if you’re intrigued by a book, it’s a win!

Viking of the Week: The Ultimate Prize

Imagine being named “Viking of the Week.” The title alone is exhilarating! Teachers from 28 classes keep tabs on their students’ good deeds. At the end of the week they select a lucky Viking. And guess what? They get to pick a prize! Yep, you guessed it. One of the options is a book from Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine.

Thousands of Age-Appropriate Books

Ballard Elementary School knows their stuff! They’ve stocked up on over 3,000 books for their vending machine. All titles are carefully chosen to suit the elementary school audience. From books boys and girls adore to sports adventures, they’ve got it all covered!

Community Love for Inchy’s

It’s not just the students who are head over heels for Inchy’s Bookworm. Parents are thrilled too! Parents eager to see the magic vending machine are a common sight. The school posts weekly selections on Facebook. Their goal is to spread the love for literacy and positive behavior across the community.

The Magic Touch on Literacy

Principal Shabazz explains, “It’s exciting because one of our key focuses is literacy across the district.” At Ballard, they’re nurturing a love for reading, and the vibrant vending machine is a hit with kids, teachers, and parents. It’s a community-wide love affair!

Meet the Viking Bookworms

Let’s chat with some of the Vikings of the Week about their book choices and why they adore reading:

Peyton Ness: She’s all about “Lena and the Burning of Greenwood.” A fiery cover caught her eye, and she loves chapter books that take her on thrilling journeys.

Makayla Anderson: She’s into the spine-tingling “Can You Catch the Kraken?.” It’s all about the adventure and using your imagination.

Lauren Carber: Lauren’s on a quest to become a pro gamer with “Can You Become a Pro Gamer?.” She digs chapter books that let her paint her own mental pictures.

Sawyer Robson: Snowboarding enthusiasts, unite! Sawyer’s choice, “Snowboarding Surprise,” is all about embracing her love for snow and summer.

Dawson Pearman: Dawson’s got his hands on “The Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets” because, well, why not? Every superhero needs their trusty sidekicks!

Reading is a Magical Journey

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