PAES book vending machine

Vending machines. We often associate them with snacks or drinks, but have you ever heard of a vending machine for books? Well, at Punxsutawney Area Elementary School, they’ve unveiled their very own Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine!

A Unique Addition to Punxsutawney Area School

Beth Saxman, Punxsutawney Area School’s technology coach proudly announced the arrival of this innovative machine.
“Students selected for Student of the Month in September and October were the first to get books from the machine,” Saxman said.
The school also hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the introduction of this special vending machine. They had the exclusive chance to select books from Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine.

Access to Learning on the Go

This vending machine isn’t just any ordinary one; it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge and imagination. So, instead of dispensing snacks, it offers a variety of books. The goal is to encourage students to explore different genres and dive into captivating stories.

Promoting Literacy in a Fun Way

The introduction of Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine isn’t just about providing books. It’s about fostering a love for reading in an engaging and interactive manner. By making books easily accessible to students, the school aims to promote literacy in a fun and exciting way.

Punxsutawney Area Elementary School’s initiative to install Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine commendable. It’s a step towards encouraging a reading culture among students. With this unique addition, students have a convenient way to access books and embark on thrilling literary adventures.

Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for reading.

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