Hey there, bookworms! When you hear the word “vending machine,” what does your mind jump to? Salty snacks or fizzy pop, right? Well hold onto your bookmarks! Eau Claire Schools in Wisconsin, is shaking things up. They’ve just unveiled Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine!

A Novel Idea for Eau Claire Schools’ Kids

“I know not all kids can have books,” Todd Johnson, the Executive Director of the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation, explains. “Not all can afford to have these books, but when they get to receive a book, when you see it in their eyes and their eyes light up, you know you’ve made a difference.”

Meadowview Elementary School has joined the ranks of seven new book-dispensing vending machines across Eau Claire. They installed these bookish wonders just in time for the start of the school year.

“It’s going to engage them to read, and anything we can do to foster that desire to sit down and just enjoy a book – and if a vending machine helps with that, I’m all for it,” Johnson says with a twinkle in his eye.

The Sweetest Bookish Treat for Students

As if book vending machines weren’t exciting enough, these literary treasure troves have an extra surprise in store. On students’ birthdays, or six months before the big day, they receive a special token to claim a free book from the vending machine. After inserting the token and inputting a number, the students can choose from over 20 captivating books.

“I just think that’s really exciting and fun to get a new book and read it,” says elementary school student Estelle Von Ruden. “It can be useful by just not having to buy a new book and getting a free book to read.”

With the machine available to over 400 students from kindergarten to fifth grade, there’s a story for everyone!

Eau Claire Schools Are Turning Pages with Trust Point Wealth Management

You might be wondering, “Who’s behind this brilliant idea?” Well, it turns out, the machines and the books are funded by none other than Trust Point Wealth Management Company. These generous folks have made it possible for students to access this literary goldmine.

“We don’t get enough funds to do everything we want to do. Matter of fact, we get enough funds to run like a basic education,” Johnson remarks, highlighting the importance of sponsors like Trust Point Wealth Management. “We want to keep growing our community in a very positive direction, and all of this helps to strengthen and build our community.”

The Love of Reading in Action

So, how’s the book vending machine experience for our young readers? Well, just ask Estelle Von Ruden, who can hardly contain her excitement.

“I really love reading,” Von Ruden says. Her birthday is in March, so she’ll be eagerly waiting for her free book this spring.

In a world where technology often takes center stage, Eau Claire’s book vending machines are a breath of fresh, paper-scented air. They’re sparking a love of reading, one token at a time, and making a big difference in the lives of young bookworms. Keep turning those pages, Eau Claire! 📚✨

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