After three years of dedicated fundraising efforts, Harlandale Independent School District (ISD) proudly to unveiled their custom-wrapped Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine. At Vestal Elementary School, this groundbreaking initiative promises to get students excited about reading. This innovative program rewards students academic and behavior achievements with free books!

A First for the South Side

Vestal Elementary welcomed the region’s first-ever book vending machine. This achievement represents the culmination of a three-year fundraising journey led by the library.

“We are incredibly excited about the positive impact this Book Vending Machine will have on our school culture,” Vestal Elementary Librarian Micaela Berry said. Her enthusiasm reflects the collective anticipation for the vending machine.

Fundraising Triumph for Harlandale ISD

The journey to purchase this innovative addition has been a testament to Harlandale ISD’s love for reading. The three-year fundraising campaign demonstrates the community’s dedication to enhancing educational resources and opportunities for students.

Golden Opportunities for Students

The custom-wrapped vending machine serves a dual purpose. It is both a vibrant display of engaging books and a reward system for positive student achievements. It introduces a creative and interactive approach to celebrating academic successes within the school.

Students achieving positive milestones will receive special gold tokens. Students use the tokens to vend a free book from the machine. This unique reward system not only recognizes accomplishments but also encourages a sense of accomplishment. As a bonus, it’s tied to the joy of reading.

Fostering a Love for Learning

“It’s not just about rewarding achievements; it’s about creating a fun and accessible way to encourage reading and celebrate individual journeys with literacy,” Berry explained. The library’s vision extends beyond accolades, aiming to inspire a lifelong love of learning in every student through this engaging initiative.

Harlandale ISD’s successful three-year fundraising journey culminates in the installation of the Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine at Vestal Elementary. This achievement reflects a commitment to educational excellence, fostering a vibrant reading culture, and celebrating the unique learning journeys of every student. The Book Vending Machine is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of the community’s dedication to creating a fun and accessible path to a lifelong love of learning.

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