McKinley Elementary School in Bakersfield has made history! It’s now the city’s first-ever school to be recognized as Blue Zones Project Approved. What does this mean? Well, it’s all improving the community’s quality of life. They’ve done some fantastic things to promote wellness. For example, they’re creating a school garden and teaching about farm-to-table practices. McKinley Elementary was even able to purchase Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine!

Setting a Great Example: Health Champions

McKinley Elementary isn’t just about physical health. They’re champions for overall well-being. They’ve also introduced programs that focus on mindfulness. Their approach is getting a lot of attention. McKinley Elementary has turned itself healthy role model in the community.

Jonathan Gallardo praised McKinley Elementary by saying,

“Their dedication to keeping a school garden, organizing Walking School Bus events, teaching valuable nutrition lessons, and promoting mindfulness has made them a role model for health and well-being in our community.”

Making Lifelong Health Count

Kiyoshi Tomono, from Blue Zones Project Bakersfield, stressed how crucial these initiatives are for students. He mentioned that building a healthy life starts with making good choices now. “Small changes now can make a huge difference over a person’s lifetime. If kids aren’t healthy and safe getting to school, they can’t learn,” Tomono said.

Partnerships for a Healthier Future

The Blue Zones Project, supported by Adventist Health, California Resources Corporation, City of Bakersfield, and Blue Zones LLC, is the driving force behind these positive changes. They aim to create healthier and happier communities.

McKinley Elementary’s outstanding efforts show how important it is to focus on wellness in schools. They inspire others to do the same and prioritize the well-being of everyone.

Your School Could Be Next

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