Oklahoma Elementary School

In a world where vending machines usually dispense sugary treats and fizzy drinks, we’ve got a heartwarming surprise for you. This story takes us to Oklahoma Elementary School in DuBois, PA, where something truly extraordinary happened. The First Class Children’s Foundation decided to spread a little magic and kindness, and it’s all packed inside a vending machine. But wait, it doesn’t have snacks; it’s filled with books!

The “Imagination Station” Unveiled

Thanks to the First Class Children’s Foundation, the school received a unique gift on a fine Wednesday. They unboxed a special vending machine, aptly named the “Imagination Station.” This enchanting contraption is here to reward students who go the extra mile in spreading kindness and positivity.

The First Class Children’s Foundation is no ordinary organization. They’re on a mission to create a better community. They’ll do it through programs designed to captivate children, foster positive experiences in school, and ignite the flames of literacy.

In Loving Memory of Sarah Zwick

This “Imagination Station” is more than just a vending machine; it’s a symbol of love and remembrance. It’s dedicated to a special member of the foundation, Sarah Zwick, who left us in September. Sarah was not just influential. She was a beacon of light in the community, giving back and advocating for the power of literacy.

First Class Children’s Foundation Founder, Matt Reed, spoke fondly of Sarah, saying, “She believed in the power of literacy so much. What we’ve done with this vending machine is we’ve made it in honor of her. It’s bright red, just like she always loved. It’s a way for us to remember her for years to come.”

Carrying On a Legacy of Literacy

Over time, First Class Children’s Foundation has placed thousands of books in the eager hands of young readers. Sarah Zwick played a pivotal role in this noble endeavor. Now, one of the primary goals of the new book vending machine is to carry on her legacy.

Matt Reed hopes that Sarah would be proud of the “Imagination Station.” He envisions it as a way to continue honoring her memory. “People will realize how great of a person she was, even if she’s no longer with us,” he said.

So, the next time you pass by the “Imagination Station” at Oklahoma Elementary School, remember the power of kindness and the magic of books. It’s a place where the legacy of a remarkable soul lives on, and young minds get to embark on fantastic reading adventures.


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