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Tevlin Milliken, a third-grader with Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine

(Shinglehouse, PA) Hoping to kids excited about reading, Oswayo Valley Elementary has introduced an innovative initiative – Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine. This groundbreaking addition aims to encourage literacy, support the school’s PBIS efforts, and ignite a passion for reading among students.

What is Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine?

Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine is unique because it dispenses books instead of snacks. It helps kids get excited about reading by offering lots of different books. The excitement comes in the form of a choice. Students can pick what book they want to vend—and it’s theirs to keep!

Alignment with Oswayo Valley Elementary School PBIS Initiatives:

Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine aligns with the school’s PBIS goals by rewarding good behavior. Students earn tokens for academic achievements and good behavior. Then students use the tokens to vend a book from Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine. Staff calls it the “Books, Behavior and Beyond: Green Wave Incentive Program”. Erika Emerick, principal, of the Oswayo Valley Elementary says it’s ingenious.

Funding for the Machine

Inchy’s Book Vending Machine was purchased with Title 1 funds. Under The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title I, Part A (Title I) provides funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) – Public School Districts, Charter Schools, and Special Act Districts – to provide all children with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. So, Check here to see if your school qualifies for Title 1 funding.

Oswayo Valley Elementary Is Proud of Their Readers.

Now that this vending machine has sparked enthusiasm among students, it’s also created a buzz around reading. By providing easy access to an array of captivating books, the machine stimulates curiosity and excitement, motivating students to explore new stories and genres.

So, each month, four exceptional students receive this honor. But Students never know who might be waiting to catch them going above and beyond in the demonstration of one of those traits. To serve as a reminder of a job well done, members of the “Golden Coin Club”  are showcased in a space near the vending machine.

Invest In Your Students Too

Are you interested in bringing the magic of Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine to your school? Reach out to today for a quote. Then, take a step toward promoting literacy and positive behavior in your school community.

Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine is not just a vending machine. It’s a gateway to a world of imagination and knowledge. By integrating reading incentives with PBIS initiatives, Oswayo Valley Elementary School continues to foster a positive and enriching environment for students to thrive academically and emotionally.

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