The primary focus of PBIS rewards is to encourage positive behavior and academic growth. Teachers do this by setting goals that are within student’s reach. Rewarding students with a trip to the book vending machine aligns with this principle. But it’s important to make rewards easy to achieve.

Avoiding Unintended Exclusion With PBIS Rewards

The whole point of PBIS rewards is to recognize students for achievements. This becomes overshadowed when a goal is too difficult to attain. Gatekeeping rewards might inadvertently discourage certain students who are already reluctant readers. This goes against the core principles of inclusivity and encouragement that PBIS stands for.

One crucial aspect of PBIS is ensuring that every student has an equal chance to earn rewards. If the goals of accessing book vending machines become too challenging, it might create disparities. No child should feel left out.

Reevaluating Reward Accessibility

To avoid risk, teachers could reassess the accessibility of rewards. The last thing educators want is to make students feel discouraged or excluded due to unattainable goals. Keeping rewards easily achievable not only maintains the integrity of PBIS but also fosters a positive and inclusive environment for all students.

To help with this, the team at has created these PBIS planning tools.

Download them. Try them out. And let us know if they work for you.

Balancing Achievement and Encouragement

PBIS revolves around fostering a culture of positive behavior and growth. It’s crucial to strike a balance between setting goals that encourage improvement and ensuring that these goals don’t become barriers.

In essence, the success of PBIS lies in its ability to promote positive behavior and academic growth by setting goals that students can realistically achieve. By ensuring that rewards like book vending machines remain easily accessible, schools can uphold the fundamental principles of PBIS, fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment for all students.

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