When NASCAR drivers utilize their platforms to give back, it showcases the impact they can make beyond the racetrack. One such driver is Erik Jones, who has been dedicated to providing valuable resources, including books, to elementary school students in the South. Recently, he made a special visit to Rocky Creek Elementary in Georgia, where he delighted the students with an array of exciting items and introduced them to a unique book vending machine.

Creating Joyful Reading Experiences:

During his visit, Erik Jones captivated the young audience by showcasing his trophies, old fire suits, and even a used Goodyear tire. However, the highlight of the day was the introduction of the innovative book vending machine. This interactive machine offered a creative twist on traditional library visits, allowing the kids to personally select their books. The excitement and joy were palpable as the students explored the diverse options and made their literary choices.

Erik Jones of NASCAR and reading to students prior to unveiling a gifted Inchy bookworm vending machine at Rocky Creek Elementary in Georgia.

Inspiring a Love for Reading:

Erik Jones not only engaged the students through his NASCAR memorabilia but also spent time reading to them, igniting their passion for storytelling and the written word. With his charismatic presence and genuine enthusiasm, he left a lasting impression on the young minds, fostering a love for reading and learning.

A Meaningful Mission:

Erik Jones took to Twitter to express his gratitude and the importance of Inchy’s Bookworm book vending machine’s impact. In a heartfelt tweet, he stated, “This is what it’s all about. Seeing how much joy this book vending machine has already brought the students of Rocky Creek Elementary is exactly why I started the @ErikJonesFdn. Thank you @ATLMotorSpdwy and @SCCNational for supporting my foundation. #READwithErik”

Erik Jones of NASCAR and his foundation places an Inchy bookworm vending machine at Rocky Creek Elementary in Georgia.

Erik Jones’ visit to Rocky Creek Elementary showcased the power of combining passion for racing with a commitment to improving literacy. Through the introduction of the book vending machine and his engaging storytelling, he not only inspired the students but also demonstrated the value of giving back to the community. His foundation’s efforts to provide resources and promote reading will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of young readers. The joy and enthusiasm witnessed at Rocky Creek Elementary serve as a reminder of the profound influence that individuals can have in nurturing a love for books and empowering the next generation of readers.

Erik Jones of NASCAR and his foundation create a unique custom wrap book vending machine.

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