The weather is turning colder. United States is bracing itself for the first big snow storm of the year. Some might dread the weather but at we think it’s perfect. This is what we call “cuddling up with a good story” weather. So grab your favorite reading budding, make a cup of hot cocoa and try one of our new favorites.

Some magic comes with revisiting favorite childhood books, like Howard McWilliam‘s first book, “Just SNOW Already!”. The story brings back memories of childhood joy and excitement. (We recommend reading it together with your kids.)

The Story Unfolds

Howard McWilliam’s first book as an author is “Just SNOW Already!” Before this, he drew pictures for “When A Dragon Moves In” and “I Need My Monster” series. “Just SNOW Already!” is really fun. It’s about a little boy who gets excited when Dad says, “It might snow today.” He keeps looking outside, but no snow comes. He really wants it to snow, and he can’t wait for all the fun. But whenever he looks out, he sees “nothing … happening out there.”

The boy’s boring observations clash with the lively drawings by McWilliam. Lots of things are happening outside. Movers are struggling with a couch. Firefighters are saving a cat. A letter carrier drops their letters–and so much more! You’ll have to read the book to find out.

As the story goes on, things get crazier (monster trucks, falling paint cans, circus monkeys, costumes!). But for the boy, waiting for snow is “BORING.” He only cares about snow and doesn’t notice anything else. Even when his sister is happily playing outside with a friend, caught up in neighborhood drama. But for the boy, it’s all waiting for snow… will it happen?

What Do Kids Think About The Story?

Kids reading this will find the joke about “nothing happening” funny. They’ll also hope, with each page, that the boy finally gets his snow. The pictures are bright and detailed, giving new things to notice each time you read it.

A Story for Everyone

McWilliam’s words are few but fun to read aloud. The boy’s worries are funny and real, just like what kids feel.

This story has charm enough for everyone, from kid to teen. “Just SNOW Already!” is a timeless joy for kids who want to relive waiting for snow.

In the end, “Just SNOW Already!” is a warm memory of childhood joy. We recommend it for anyone who loves stories about excitement and simple pleasures.

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