At we are all about kids getting a choice in reading. Imagine books calling out to you from the shelves, enticing you to embark on adventures through their pages. Well, that is precisely how some kids choose their next read. That freedom of choice really gets kids excited about books.

Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Judging a book by it is cover is no faux pas. It’s a strategy. The cover serves as a book’s initial impression on young readers and often determines whether it will be read or not.. Driven by a strong calling from the shelves, even recommendations from friends play second fiddle to a compelling cover.

Home Bookshelf vs. Library Bookshelf

Even if your home boasts the most extensive library. Even if your bookshelves are packed with eye-catching covers that your kids have read again and again. Even if—There is still something enticing about the organized charm of a library. The neatly arranged shelves, all at kid-friendly heights, offer a browsing experience that can’t be replicated at home or online. Roaming the shelves, absorbing the magic of individual author’s works, it’s like a vacation through the exciting fictional lands of Adventure, Horror, and Fantasy. Just keep an eye out for dragons!

Reluctant Readers Have A Choice In Reading Too

For the reluctant reader, choice in reading may be just the thing to spark their enthusiasm. For once, there is no one telling little Johnny to read that chapter. No one has assigned it to him. And absolutely no one is forcing him to sound out words that are just too big. Instead, Johnny gets to choose his own ticket to literary adventure. Maybe the cover is what draws him in at first but his natural curiosity keeps him turning the pages.

Choice In Reading

For kids, having a choice in reading isn’t just about finding a book. It’s about finding their passion (or their flying carpet) and setting off on a new adventure. So embrace their freedom to choose whatever book they want. Don’t assign, dismiss, or claim that book is “above their level”. Rejoice when books shout, beckon, and jump off the shelf at kids. You never know, the right book might just turn your non-reader into a reader. If you want your kids to enjoy reading, let them read what they like. Even if you just bought them a new book. Even if (especially if) it’s their third or fourth re-read of the same book. Let them choose. Then give them some quiet space and let them read. 

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